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Artistic Craft Wire

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Malin offers the extensive range of craft wire! Perfect for jewelry design, wire art, sculpture, pottery, stamping, clay animation and crafts!

Minimum Order Is Required

As a manufacturer of wire, we offer excellent pricing on bulk orders of our wire products, but not all wire sizes are stock items.

Minimum order of $125 is required on standard items ($125 for straightened and cut, per size) call customer service for current lead-time.

Made-to-order items and non-stock materials will have a higher minimum order and lead-time.

To place an order, please contact customer service toll-free at 1-800-967-9697.

Jewelry Wie

Galvanized Annealed Wire

Malin offers galvanized annealed wire in a variety of gauges. Galvanized Wire is designed to prevent rusting. It is an extremely versatile wire and perfect for beading.

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Craft wire

Stainless Steel Wire

Malin stainless steel wire is offered in annealed soft..

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Carbon Steel Annealed Wire

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Pure Copper Wire - Soft Bare & Soft Tinned

Malin pure copper wire is available in two varieties, soft bare and soft tinned.

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Brass Wire

Brass wire is offered in a variety of sizes for making wire jewelry and craft projects. Malin brass wire is soft temper and ideal for wire wrapping and sculpting.

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Aluminum Wire

Malin aluminum wire is soft and excellent craft wire!

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Artistic Craft Wire

Jewelry Wire

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Due to the current business climate, our lead-times vary based on material availability. Please contact customer service at
1-800-967-9697 for lead-time on this product.

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