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Manufacturing Twisted In Wire Brushes for Over 45 Years.

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For over 45-years, Brushes Corp has designed and manufactured twisted-in wire brushes for the medical and dental industry for basic instrument cleaning and specific applications as follows.

  • Stylet/Cytology Brushes
  • Miniature Brushes
  • Tube Brushes
  • Bottle Brushes
  • Stylet/Cytology Brushes

Brushes Corp. specializes in fine diameter wires to be used as cytology brushes and stylet wires.

Miniature Brushes

We develop and mass produce a variety of miniature brushes for custom medical applications.  We offer a variety of shapes and materials including plastic coated wire.  Our ultra-fine miniature brushes are often utilized in interdental applications.

Tube Brushes

Our custom manufactured tube brushes are used throughout the medical industry for trachea tubes.  We offer a variety of handle styles and brush shapes to fit the tube design.

Lead Times

Due to the current business climate, our lead-times vary based on material availability.

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