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Malin Co. is the leading supplier for stainless steel safety wire, straightened, and cut wire. We are your go-to wire provider for any application you could imagine! Below are just a few of our most common requests!

  • Tie Wire
  • Forming Wire
  • Craft Wire
  • Brush Welding
  • Wire Brushes
  • Fishing Wire
  • Flat Wire
  • Camping Wire
  • Military Wire
  • Safety Lock Wire

Stainless Steel Safety Wire | Safety Lock Wire

Our safety locking wire ensures that fasteners remain tight. Malin wiring mechanisms utilize a positive locking device. In turn, this prevents fasteners from falling out or loosening.

How to Use Safety Locking Wire

Unsure of how to use safety wire? No problem! Malin is here to help. To begin, this kind of safety wire is thread through the fastening hole. Next, twist the wire, attaching it to a part of another fastener. Then, twist the safety wire one last time to ensure security.

For any questions and advice on how to properly use safety wire, reach out to our team at Malin! We’d be happy to help.

Safety Wire Sizing and Packaging

At Malin, we do what we can to be as sustainable as possible. Not only are our color-coded cans easy for identification, but they are also recyclable! Made of high-density polyethylene, Malin’s lock wire dispensing canisters won’t deteriorate. Additionally, they protect our high-quality wire from troublesome grease and other corrosive materials.

Specifically, we sell our stainless steel lockwire in blue canisters.  Stainless steel wire is available in type 302/304 ASTM A 580.  Additional options are available upon request.  For example, 305 and 316 stainless.

Standard Lockwire Sizes include .020, .025, .032, .041, .051.However, other sizing is available upon request.

Additional Wire Materials

If you don’t think stainless steel is the right solution for your application, there are more options! Malin offers safety wire in a variety of materials.  This includes Inconel, Monel, Copper, and Brass.  If unsure of what material would be best, that’s okay too! Contact Malin today!

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Stainless Steel Safety Wire
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