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Since 1884, Malin Company has produced high-quality industrial wire including stainless steel wire, safety wire, straightened and cut wires, and tag wire for use in aerospace engineering, industrial manufacturing, and hardware wholesale companies.

With the use of stainless steel wire and all of the applications for it, Malin Company has the versatility to fit your needs.

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Prepackaged industrial wire from Malin Co.Stainless Steel Wire Applications

Stainless steel is a versatile material with several industrial uses such as lock wire and spring wire. It is also used extensively in the medical field due to its ability to meet demanding applications at a relatively low cost.

Some common stainless steel wire applications include tie wire, pins, lashing, forming wire, filters, gaskets, elevators, safety wire, shaped and flat wire, conveyors, jewelry, springs, brush welding, electrical, wire line, craft wire, and more!

We can manufacture round or flat stainless steel wire in a variety of finishes and dimensions, so get in touch with us today to get a quote on your next project!

Straightened & Cut Wire

Malin Company produces a full range of straightened and cut wire products from .006″ dia. to .177″ dia. Lengths from .500″ to 10ft, length and diameter tolerances quoted upon request. (Minimum order of $125 per size.)

Straightened and cut wire is produced from coils, where our machinery straightens the wire and cuts it to specific lengths. The straight cut wire is used when uniform, consistent and straight lengths are needed.

When your industrial wire requires a straightened and cut application, Malin Co. is here to help. We can straighten and cut any wire product that we manufacture, as well as straighten and cut the wire that you already own. Having Malin Co. straighten and cut your material for you can reduce your production time.

We offer competitive prices, reliable delivery schedules, and the quality you would expect from an American supplier. Whatever your cut wire needs may be, we can make it.

Stainless Steel Cable

Available 1×7, 3×7, 7×7, 1×19, and 7×19. Nylon coating available.
Spooled or straightened and cut to length.

Our stainless steel wire and cable can easily be cut and shaped to your unique specifications.

 Save Big on Wholesale Stainless Steel Wire

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Exclusive Safety Lock Wire Canisters

Our exclusive recyclable canister is molded from high-density polyethylene. Unlike standard paper canisters, Malin’s Lockwire Dispensing Canisters won’t degrade and they will keep your Industrial wire free of grease and other corrosive materials. They are even color-coded for easy identification and fully recyclable.

Safety wire or lock wire is an effective tool for ensuring the security and tightness of bolts and other fasteners. This positive locking device functions as a safety wiring mechanism to prevent fasteners from loosening or falling out. Safety wire typically threads through the fastener hole, twists to another part or fastener, and twists again.

If you would like to learn more about how lock wire can help you, check out this article with everything you need to know about lock wire.

Color-coded cannisters of Malin's lock wire products | Stainless steel wireLockwire Materials

302 and 304 stainless steel wire ASTM A 580. Inconel 600, Monel 400, Copper, and Brass breakaway wire are also available. Other materials: 305 and 316l stainless steel wire are available upon request. Standard Lockwire Sizes .020, .025, .032, .041, .051. Other sizes are available upon request.

Several sizes of spools and bobbins for stainless steel wireMaterials

Aluminum, brass, copper, Chromel, carbon (black, galvanized), Inconel, Monel, nickel, nickel silver, stainless steel wire (302, 303, 304, 316, 410, 430) phosphorous bronze, titanium. MS20995CY and MS20995AB series and other materials upon request.

Spools and bobbins for Malin stainless steel wireStandard Packaging

Metal Wire Spools: 1 oz, 1/4 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, and bulk. Coils: 1/4 lb, 5 lb, mill coils. Private labeling upon request.1 lb. Bulk Coils and 1/4 lb. Handi-Pak Coils & Bobbins are also available at minimum orders of $125. Check out our packaging selection.

General Production Specifications

  • Standard precision rotary straightening single strand wire to 12-foot lengths.
  • Torsion straightened wire by spool or coil.
  • Spool sizes: 1 oz., 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 25 lb. or bulk weights.
  • Coils from 1/4 lb., 1/2., 1 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 25 lb. or bulk/mill coils.
  • Aircraft safety lock wire is available in 1 lb. plastic canisters or in 1 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb. or bulk weight spools/coils
  • All wire may contain welds or splices. Available diameters: .001 – .250
  • Nylon coating is available on single strand wire.

Sizes & Gauges

Sizes from .001″ to .400″ as well as 8 gauge stainless steel wire, 12 gauge stainless steel wire, and a full range of other gauge options.

Tempers & Anneals

Our tempered and annealed stainless steel wire products offer a full range of options from full anneal to spring temper.


Matte, nickel-coated bright, polished, soap.

We offer competitive prices on a wide variety of finishes, reliable delivery schedules, and the quality you would expect from an American supplier. Whatever your stainless steel wire or other industrial wire needs may be, we have you covered.

Our Services

Our stainless steel wire services are high quality and reliable. If your industrial wire requires a straightened and cut application, Malin Co. is ready to help. We can straighten and cut any stainless steel wire product that we manufacture, as well as straighten and cut the wire that you already own. Learn more about our industrial wire services.

Nickel, copper, and stainless steel wire from MalinWire Drawing Services

We supply our customers with custom wire drawing services for stainless steel industrial wire, straightened and cut wire from .006″ dia. to .177″ dia. as well as lengths from .500″ to 10ft. Our drawing processes include grinding, electropolishing, torsion straightening, shaping, and flattening.

An industrial wire bar code | Stainless steel wire productsBarcoding

Other services offered: barcoding, private labeling, wire drawing, electropolished and clean wire, finishes, and wire forming.

Malin Company Specifications

MUSIC WIRESpring Tempered Carbon Steel Wire
ASTM A228Phosphate Coated
ASTM A228Tin Coated

Ferrous Wire

ASTM A313Stainless Steel 302/304 Spring Temper
ASTM A580Aircraft Stainless Steel Safety Lockwire 302/304/316L/T316
ASTM A853Black Annealed Wire Grade 1006-1008 Annealed at finish
ASTM A229Black Oil Tempered Wire
ASTM A853Bright Annealed Wire
ASTM A641Galvanized Annealed Wire

Non-Ferrous Wire

ASTM B211Aluminum Wire 1100-0 Soft Temper
ASTM B134Brass Annealed and Spring Temper 70/30; 65/35
ASTM B344 Chromel A Ni-chrome Wire 80/20
ASTM B3Copper Soft Bare Single Strand CDA 110
ASTM B3Copper Soft Tinned CDA 110
ASTM B166Inconel 600 Grade Lockwire
AMS 5687Oxidized Inconel 600 Grade Lockwire
ASTM B164Monel 400 Grade Lockwire
ASTM B159Phosphorous Bronze C510
ASTM B863Titanium Grade 2 Annealed
NASM20995NInconel 600 Grade Lockwire
NASM9226Oxidized Inconel 600 Grade Lockwire
NASM20995NCMonel 400 Grade Lockwire
NITINOLNickel Titanium Wire

Why Malin Company?

So why choose Malin Company as your industrial stainless steel wire supplier? Malin is a leading supplier of stainless steel safety wire, lock wire, tag wire, and cut-to-length wire. We deliver high-quality products to a wide range of industries that need stainless steel wire products from aerospace machinery to hardware wholesale companies.

When it comes to industrial stainless steel wire, there are a number of applications you can apply this tool to. Whether you need tie wire, gaskets, elevator wire, craft wire, or another product, stainless steel wire is a reliable choice. This is a versatile material known for its usage in the medical field. Why? Because stainless steel wire can be used for demanding applications at a competitive price when compared to other forms of wire.

When it comes to choosing a stainless steel wire supplier, you want a team of experts who can offer a range of wires for whatever applications you may need. Malin is a wire manufacturing company that can deliver the solutions you need.

Malin is Proudly ISO-Certified

In addition to our range of industrial wire options and helpful staff, Malin Company is also ISO 9001:2015 certified. What does this mean? It means that Malin went through an evaluation process to achieve this certification. This process entailed quality management system development, management system documentation review, pre-audit, initial assessment, and clearance of non-conformances. These processes are rigorous and are meant to demonstrate the quality of a management system, and where a company may need to improve.

This ISO 900:2015 certification demonstrates Malin Company’s commitment to quality and customer service. We want to show our valued customers that we are proactive in constantly improving our products and business model. To achieve this certification, we partnered with Smithers Quality Assessments, which is an environmental management system certification team.

Wire Number (gauge) AWG or B&S (inches) AWG Metric (mm)
0000000 (7/0) Stainless Steel Wire
000000 (6/0) Stainless Steel Wire 0.58″ Diameter
00000 (5/0) Stainless Steel Wire 0.5165″ Diameter
0000 (4/0) Stainless Steel Wire 0.46″ Diameter 11.684mm Diameter
000 (3/0) Stainless Steel Wire 0.409642″ Diameter 10.404mm Diameter
00 (2/0) Stainless Steel Wire 0.364796″ Diameter 9.266mm Diameter
0 (1/0) Stainless Steel Wire 0.324861″ Diameter 8.252mm Diameter
1 Stainless Steel Wire 0.289297″ Diameter 7.348mm Diameter
2 Stainless Steel Wire 0.257627″ Diameter 6.543mm Diameter
3 Stainless Steel Wire 0.229423″ Diameter 5.827mm Diameter
4 Stainless Steel Wire Pull 0.2043″ Diameter 5.189mm Diameter
5 Stainless Steel Wire 0.1819″ Diameter 4.621mm Diameter
6 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.162″ Diameter 4.115mm Diameter
7 Strand Stainless Steel Wire 0.1443″ Diameter 3.665mm Diameter
8 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.1285″ Diameter 3.264mm Diameter
9 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.1144″ Diameter 2.906mm Diameter
10 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.1019″ Diameter 2.588mm Diameter
11 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0907″ Diameter 2.304mm Diameter
12 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0808″ Diameter 2.052mm Diameter
13 Stainless Steel Wire 0.072″ Diameter 1.829mm Diameter
14 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0641″ Diameter 1.628mm Diameter
15 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0571″ Diameter 1.45mm Diameter
16 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0508″ Diameter 1.291mm Diameter
17 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0453″ Diameter 1.15mm Diameter
18 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0403″ Diameter 1.024mm Diameter
19 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0359″ Diameter 0.9119mm Diameter
20 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.032″ Diameter 0.8128mm Diameter
21 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0285″ Diameter 0.7239mm Diameter
22 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0253″ Diameter 0.6426mm Diameter
23 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0226″ Diameter 0.574mm Diameter
24 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0201″ Diameter 0.5106mm Diameter
25 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0179″ Diameter 0.4547mm Diameter
26 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0159″ Diameter 0.4038mm Diameter
27 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0142″ Diameter 0.3606mm Diameter
28 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0126″ Diameter 0.32mm Diameter
29 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0113″ Diameter 0.287mm Diameter
30 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.01″ Diameter 0.254mm Diameter
31 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0089″ Diameter 0.2261mm Diameter
32 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.008″ Diameter 0.2032mm Diameter
33 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0071″ Diameter 0.1803mm Diameter
34 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0063″ Diameter 0.1601mm Diameter
35 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0056″ Diameter 0.1422mm Diameter
36 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.005″ Diameter 0.127mm Diameter
37 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0045″ Diameter 0.1143mm Diameter
38 Stainless Steel Wire 0.004″ Diameter 0.1016mm Diameter
39 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0035″ Diameter 0.0889mm Diameter
40 Gauge Stainless Steel Wire 0.0031″ Diameter 0.0787mm Diameter
41 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0028″ Diameter 0.0711mm Diameter
42 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0025″ Diameter 0.0635mm Diameter
43 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0022″ Diameter 0.0559mm Diameter
44 Stainless Steel Wire 0.002″ Diameter 0.0508mm Diameter
45 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0018″ Diameter 0.0457mm Diameter
46 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0016″ Diameter 0.0406mm Diameter
47 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0014″ Diameter 0.035mm Diameter
48 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0012″ Diameter 0.0305mm Diameter
49 Strand Stainless Steel Wire 0.0011″ Diameter 0.0279mm Diameter
50 Stainless Steel Wire 0.001″ Diameter 0.0254mm Diameter
51 Stainless Steel Wire 0.00088″ Diameter 0.0224mm Diameter
52 Stainless Steel Wire 0.00078″ Diameter 0.0198mm Diameter
53 Stainless Steel Wire 0.0007″ Diameter 0.0178mm Diameter
54 Stainless Steel Wire 0.00062″ Diameter 0.0158mm Diameter
55 Stainless Steel Wire 0.00055″ Diameter 0.014mm Diameter
56 Stainless Steel Wire 0.00049″ Diameter 0.0124mm Diameter

Stainless Steel Wire FAQs

Stainless steel wire is a versatile material used in a wide range of applications across various industries due to its unique combination of properties, including corrosion resistance, high strength, and durability.

Stainless steel wire is used in aircraft and aerospace applications for safety cables, control cables, wiring harnesses, and fasteners due to its high strength and resistance to corrosion. It is used in medical instruments, such as surgical wire, catheters, and guide wires, due to its biocompatibility and resistance to body fluids and chemicals.

Stainless steel wire is used for structural applications like suspension bridges and architectural projects. It is also used in reinforcing concrete and masonry structures. Stainless steel wire is widely used in the marine industry for rigging, cables, lifelines, and various other hardware because of its resistance to saltwater corrosion. It is used for manufacturing various automotive components, including exhaust systems, springs, and control cables.

Stainless steel wire is used in electrical and electronic applications, including wire mesh screens, heating elements, and as conductive elements in sensors. In industrial settings, it is used for conveyor systems, mesh and screen manufacturing, safety guards, and as a material for welding and fabrication. Stainless steel wire is a popular material for making jewelry due to its durability, hypoallergenic properties, and resistance to tarnishing.

Stainless steel wire is used in chemical and petrochemical plants for structural components and equipment that come into contact with corrosive chemicals. It is used in food processing equipment such as screens, filters, and conveyor belts because of its resistance to corrosion and staining. Stainless steel wire is used in security fencing and mesh for its durability and resistance to tampering and corrosion.

Stainless steel wire is an essential component of wire ropes and cable assemblies used in lifting, hoisting, and rigging. Artists use stainless steel wire for sculptures and other artworks due to its strength and resistance to environmental factors.

Stainless steel wire comes in various grades and forms, each with specific properties suited to particular applications. The choice of grade and type depends on the specific needs of the project or industry.

Stainless steel wire is highly resistant to rust compared to regular steel or iron. However, the extent of its corrosion resistance depends on factors like the grade of stainless steel, the environmental conditions it is exposed to, and proper maintenance. Choosing the right grade and taking precautions can help ensure that stainless steel remains corrosion-resistant for an extended period.

The choice of an alternative to stainless steel wire depends on the specific requirements of your application. There are several materials that can serve as alternatives to stainless steel wire, each with its own set of properties and advantages. Some common alternatives include:

Galvanized Steel Wire: Galvanized steel wire is regular steel wire coated with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion. It is less expensive than stainless steel and offers good corrosion resistance, particularly in non-marine or non-harsh environments.

Copper Wire: Copper wire is known for its electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. It is often used in electrical applications where a metal with excellent electrical properties is required.

Aluminum Wire: Aluminum wire is lightweight and has good electrical conductivity. It is used in electrical and electronic applications, as well as for crafting and artistic purposes.

Brass Wire: Brass wire is an alloy of copper and zinc, and it offers good corrosion resistance, making it suitable for decorative and jewelry applications.

Carbon Steel Wire: Carbon steel wire is an alternative to stainless steel in applications where corrosion resistance is not a primary concern. It is often used in industrial and construction settings.

Copper-Clad Steel Wire: This wire consists of a core of steel wire with a copper cladding. It combines the strength of steel with the electrical properties and corrosion resistance of copper, making it suitable for electrical grounding and transmission applications.

Nylon-Coated Wire: Stainless steel wire coated with nylon or other polymers is used in applications where electrical insulation, softness, and flexibility are required, such as in cable assemblies.

Plastic and Synthetic Fiber Ropes: For applications that require flexibility, lightweight materials, and resistance to corrosion, synthetic ropes made from materials like polypropylene, nylon, or aramid fibers can be suitable alternatives to wire.

Fiberglass Rods and Composite Materials: In some cases, fiberglass rods or composite materials can be used in place of wire for specific structural or load-bearing applications.

The choice of an alternative to stainless steel wire should be based on the specific requirements of your project, including factors like strength, corrosion resistance, electrical properties, weight, and cost. It’s important to carefully assess the needs of your application and select the material that best matches those requirements.

If you are looking for stainless steel wire, lock wire, or any other custom wire products, get in touch with Malin today, and our team can help you find the ideal wholesale industrial wire solutions for your project!

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