Wholesale Inconel Wire ASTM B166 | Ox Inconel Wire ASM 5687 Spools

Bulk inconel wire on bobbin

Inconel & Ox Inconcel Wire Description

Since 1884, Malin co. is a name many industries can count on for the highest quality Inconel wire and services.

When it comes to high heat industrial applications, Malin’s Inconel wire is designed to take on the toughest environments and withstand heat up to 2460 degrees F. A nickel and chromium alloy produced for the metal heating industry.

Inconel Wire Options

  • Inconel 600 Grade Lockwire

*Please note: There is a $125 minimum on bulk wire orders, lead time quoted with order.

Also available in our handy 1lb canister.

Inconel Wire Services

We work to give our customers the product they need with the presentation they deserve.

Straightened and Cut Wire– From .006′ diameter to .177′ diameter and lengths from .250′ to 10ft. Length and diameter tolerances quoted upon request.

Electro Polished and Clean Wire – We offer diameters as fine as .006” to .041” diameter on spools.

Wire Forming – Malin has also developed the ability to shape and form wire in all types of materials and configurations. No quantity is too small. We will set up and run both production and prototype quantities.

Wire Drawing of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. Diameters down to .0016” and up to .250” diameter. Malin Co. can also draw and process customer-supplied wire as well.


Inconel & Ox Inconel Wire Applications

  • Welding & Heat Treat Applications
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Marine and Saltwater Applications
  • Industrial Environments with Rapid Temperature Changes
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