Wholesale Inconel Wire ASTM B166 | Ox Inconel Wire ASM 5687 Spools

inconel wire

Inconel Part NumberNominal Diameter
NASM / MS20995N20 ASTM B166.020
NASM / MS20995N25 ASTM B166.025
NASM / MS20995N32 ASTM B166.032
NASM / MS20995N40 ASTM B166.040
NASM / MS20995N51 ASTM B166.051
Oxidized Inconel Part NumberNominal Diameter
NASM / MS9226-01 AMS 5687.016
NASM / MS9226-02 AMS 5687.020
NASM / MS9226-03 AMS 5687.025
NASM / MS9226-04 AMS 5687.032
NASM / MS9226-05 AMS 5687.040
NASM / MS9226-06 AMS 5687.051
NASM / MS9226-07 AMS 5687.063
NASM / MS9226-08 AMS 5687.091

Inconel & Ox Inconel Wire Description

Industries have counted on Malin Co. since 1884 for high quality inconel wire and services. Inconel wire is used in industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, and welding due to its extreme heat resistance. 

Inconel wire produced by Malin can withstand heat up to 2460 degrees F., and is designed for strength and durability. We give our customers the promise that all of our wire, from inconel wire to safety wire, is up to the challenge. Count on Malin as a leading inconel wire manufacturer.

Inconel Wire Options

  • Inconel 600 Grade Lockwire

*Please note: There is a $125 minimum on bulk wire orders, lead time quoted with order.

Also available in our handy 1lb canister.

Inconel Wire Services

We work to give our customers the product they need with the presentation they deserve.

Straightened and Cut Wire– From .006′ diameter to .177′ diameter and lengths from .250′ to 10ft. Length and diameter tolerances quoted upon request.

Electro Polished and Clean Wire – We offer diameters as fine as .006” to .041” diameter on spools.

Wire Forming – Malin has also developed the ability to shape and form wire in all types of materials and configurations. No quantity is too small. We will set up and run both production and prototype quantities.

Wire Drawing of aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and nickel alloys. Diameters down to .0016” and up to .250” diameter. Malin Co. can also draw and process customer-supplied wire as well.


Inconel & Ox Inconel Wire Applications

  • Welding & Heat Treat Applications
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Marine and Saltwater Applications
  • Industrial Environments with Rapid Temperature Changes

Inconel Wire FAQs

Inconel and stainless steel are both strong and durable materials, but they have different strengths and are suited for different applications. Whether Inconel is stronger than stainless steel depends on the specific grades and conditions of each material.

Inconel is a family of nickel-chromium-based superalloys known for their exceptional strength, high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance in extreme environments. Inconel alloys are used in applications where resistance to high-temperature, aggressive chemicals, and corrosion is crucial. In terms of tensile strength, Inconel alloys generally exhibit higher tensile strength compared to most stainless steel grades, especially at elevated temperatures. However, the specific tensile strength can vary significantly depending on the alloy within the Inconel family.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, is a family of corrosion-resistant steel alloys that includes a wide range of grades with varying properties. Stainless steel is valued for its strength, corrosion resistance, and versatility. Some stainless steel grades, such as 316 or 17-4 PH, have high tensile strength and can be exceptionally strong. However, stainless steel may not have the same level of high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance as some Inconel alloys.

Inconel is often chosen for applications requiring exceptional high-temperature strength and corrosion resistance, while stainless steel is used in a wide range of applications where strength and corrosion resistance are important, but not necessarily under extreme conditions. The choice between Inconel and stainless steel should be based on the specific requirements of the application, taking into consideration factors such as temperature, environment, and mechanical properties.

Inconel 600: The melting point of Inconel 600 is approximately 2,350°C (4,262°F).
Inconel 625: Inconel 625 has a melting point of around 2,135°C (3,895°F).
Inconel 718: Inconel 718 has a melting point of about 1,260°C (2,300°F).
Inconel 825: Inconel 825 has a melting point of roughly 1,370°C (2,498°F).

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