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Stainless Steel Lock Wire Experts

Stainless Steel Lock Wire Malin Co. is the leading supplier of lock wire, (also spelled as lockwire) safety wire, and other stainless steel wire products. We have been producing high-quality lockwire products since 1884. Furthermore, our safety lock wire products are ideal for aerospace applications as well as hardware and industrial wholesale companies. Lock wire’s […]

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High Quality Lockwire | Size | Grade | Color

Lockwire Specialists   Here at Malin Company, we have been producing high-quality lockwire products sine 1884. That’s 135 years of experience that has built a worldwide name as the leading supplier of safety wire products. Serving industries including Aerospace, hardware supply, industrial wholesale companies, medical, dental, and many more with our reliable and sustainable products. We […]

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What is Lock Wire? Everything Worth Knowing about Lock Wire

Purpose of Lockwire What is Lock Wire? Lock wire is a crucial safety tool for ensuring mechanical stability. Bolts, screws, nuts and other types of fasteners will eventually loosen over longer periods of time. This especially occurs in applications that produce high levels of vibrations. Applications like sports cars, aircraft turbine engines and even weaponry […]

Looking for Electro Polished and Clean Wire?

What is Electropolishing? What are the Benefits of Electropolishing? For any electro polished stainless steel wire customization, the finish is critical. Whether the goal is to achieve a certain look or remove contamination, manufacturers must consider their ideal finishing method to get the most from their investment. There are multiple ways to finish steel products […]

Wholesale Wire From Cleveland, Ohio’s Malin

Top Wholesale Wire Cleveland Supplier Choosing the Right Wholesale Wire Supplier For Your Project / About Malin Have you and your team been looking for quality wholesale wire for your next project? Reach out to the team from Malin today to learn more and take the next steps. Choosing the Right Wholesale Wire Supplier For […]