Looking for Electro Polished and Clean Wire?

What is Electropolishing? What are the Benefits of Electropolishing?

For any electro polished stainless steel wire customization, the finish is critical. Whether the goal is to achieve a certain look or remove contamination, manufacturers must consider their ideal finishing method to get the most from their investment. There are multiple ways to finish steel products for optimal handling, chemical resistance, aesthetics, and more. Manufacturers often must choose between electropolishing and passivating.

Electropolishing refers to the process by which manufacturers dissolve steel’s outermost surface with a temperature-controlled electrolyte bath. The process provides a smooth, nonstick surface finish. Electropolishing often makes products easy to clean, and tends to be compatible with complex shapes. Significantly, it is notable for its speed and the associated savings.

What is Passivation of Stainless Steel?

Passivation, on the other hand, refers to the process by which manufacturers remove steel impurities by means of a chemical bath without using any electrical currents Notably, this method of finishing can thicken or otherwise alter steel’s protective oxide layer. Most often, this method does not alter the look of a product. Significantly, processors must know the exact chemical makeup of the starting material, as a passivation solution must be specific to a substance. Using a solution that is not compatible can cause damage to the steel.

Which of These Wire Capabilities is Best?

The electropolishing process tends to be more effective than passivation, as it tends to be both faster and more controllable. Electropolished stainless steel additionally displays a noticeably superior finish to passivated stainless steel. Also, electropolishing removes the discoloration from the surface of the metal that passivation does not. However, applications that require alterations to steel’s oxide layer composition can often benefit most from passivation.

Overall, electropolishing is best for tasks that require smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. However, passivation is usually ideal for removing contamination and changing corrosion resistance.

About Malin: Your Resource for Both Electro Polished and Clean Wire

Companies have turned to Cleveland, Ohio’s Malin for premier wire capabilities for more than a century. Whether you have been looking for lockwire, wire brushes, marine wire, medical wire, industrial wire, packaging, or electropolished and clean wire, Malin has what you need.
As a leading wire supplier, Malin distinguishes itself through an extensive selection of wire materials. To list, just some of the options available to Malin customers include black oil tempered wire, soft bare single strand wire, soft tinned copper wire, and annealed brass wire.

Above all, the Malin team commits to both product quality and customer satisfaction. In fact, the team takes great pride in its ISO 9001:2015 without design certification. The certification ensures the Malin team has met strict requirements for both quality management systems and commitment to customer satisfaction through the effective implementation of the system.

Another way Malin sets itself apart from its competitors is the company’s exclusive material testing service. Customers count on the team from Malin for advanced X-ray fluorescence (XRF) testing capabilities. Malin maintains a handheld XRF analyzer that determines the exact compositions of materials across a diverse range.