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If it has to do with wire - Malin does it!

Fishing Accessories

Bait De-Hooker
You'll never have to look for your Bait De-Hooker.
It wil be on hand!

Patented Fish Hook Extractors
More than specially designed pliers. This device actually extracts
the hook by rotating it out of the mouth of a fish.

Malin Pro Rigs
The Strongest hooks and rigging available.
Hooks are : "Mustad" type 3407 S.S. "super strong".

Crimper and Crimper Kits
These crimpers are ideal for crimping single barrel sleeves.

Cable Cutter and Compression Tools
Swiss-made cable cutters and compression tools.

How May We Help?
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Due to the current business climate, our lead-times vary based on material availability. Please contact customer service at
1-800-967-9697 for lead-time on this product.

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